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Funding for Public Safety, ERCES, and Indoor Wireless Connectivity:
Why You Should Request Funding

Violent events continue to take place in and around schools within the United States. These horrendous acts have clearly highlighted the need for school districts to assess their indoor wireless connectivity for each building and structure as a key element within their school safety and response plans.

Most safety response plans include lockdown procedures and the designation of safe spaces and processes, yet it will likely have a limited effect if personnel, students, and security teams don’t have the ability to immediately communicate with police and response personnel during an active emergency due to poor indoor signal.

Funding these type of technologies can sometimes be difficult, but there are many programs, grants and resources available to assist in addressing these needs.

Grants and Funding Links:

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Emergency Management / Public Safety Grants and Funding
 Bipartisan Safer Communities Act
 SafeCom Funding Resource (CISA)
 Police Grants Help
 Formula Grant Programs: noncompetitive awards based on a predetermined formula, also referred to as state-administered programs.
 Discretionary Grant Programs: award funds using a competitive process.

Classroom Technology Grants and Funding
 Educators of America Micro Grant Program
 Office of Educational Technology

Public Safety Grant & Funding Video Resources

  • Learn how easy it is to apply for a federal grant using Workspace.
  • This video serves as an introduction to the apply process.

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Access resources for available grants and funding initiatives to assist in creating a safer schools safety plan for your school.

Safe School Grants and Funding

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